I've never had to deal with a bail bonds company before but i had to for my grown child. When i tell you they was the nicest, most professional people that i have came across in a long time. They really acted like they cared... from the bail bonds guy down to the lady in the office...top notch and very caring and explained everything clearly to me. I been unable to sleep for days and my anxiety on 10 because i didn't know what to expect, but after talking with them, it put me at ease and was able to get my daughter out in a short amount of time. They have a lot of other bonds company in that area, but i would recommend this one to anyone that needs one. Hopefully i won't need them again but if so, they will be my first ones to call and and refer other people i know to. Its good to know they're still good people out there. Thank you and and God bless you all at Webb's...I'll be able to sleep tonight.


This was literally the nicest, and easiest bonding agency to work with. Mrs. Melinda was extremely understanding, helpful, and compassionate. Truly glad to see that people in this world still care about others in this world, even when they are accused of doing something and in a place where no one wants to be. Thank you to you and your awesome staff, Sahsa was amazing to work with, and I will only recommend this place if my loved ones or friends ever find themselves in a bad situation. Hopefully never again though.

Astro Jetson

I work for a local law office. We hear from our clients that Webb's is the best in town. If I ever needed a bond, I wouldn't hesitate to call Randy, Melinda, and their staff.

L.M. Boyd

A Godsend when no other would help me .

Joshua Waller

The owner is a very sweet understanding lady Now I'm sure every case is different but I know for me she helped me when she didnt have too and to me there isn't enough words for a service like that. I never would had thought to be helped out by such a great staff like Dora and the other young lady that runs the office as well. They do there part to work with you as long as you do your part and meet them in the middle. Top notch people with A+ service timely and professional too! Hope to never use them again. But if I do need a bonds company I wouldn't choose anyone else.

On the Real

Pretty easy going. Not difficult to deal with

James Georges

The most helpful and nice people here! Even under terrible circumstances they are great!

Sarah Benson

Wonderful bond company. Very affordable. Highly recommend

Rednecks and the stuff we do

Great outfit here topshelf they handle everything with precision and dependability when you need them my friend referred me and Mr Webb had my paperwork processed in 30 minutes it was impressive.
Dora is a nice office supervisor this is who you call when reporting in.

Da Dog

Melinda is the most thoughtful and helpful person I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Every bond service should have a Melinda. Thank you!!!

lanan wallace

Very well organized office and the one thing i like is they dont require you to come to offixe every week i just make a call to SWEET DORA the office manager there and thats all they require you todo after you pay yur fee to them for signing you out od jail.

The only bad hiccup i have made with them is calling after hours to report in since the cutoff time is 6pm......i called in around 9pn
Mr and Mrs Webb go out of there way to help you..
I am a current client of Webbs bail bonds sonce june 2017

Chillie D

Mr Burgett..... We have never bonded you out. Please referrer to the Denton County website for details of your bond.

Melinda Webb

I speak with Dora every Monday she is a lovely woman who takes care of business and does her job like no other comma Webb's Statewide Bail Bonds is the only one company I will ever use in Denton County they are fast and reasonable in price and also willing to talk to family and anybody over the phone to help get your loved ones out of jail. The owner is very business like and a great person. He tells it to you straight and as long as you follow what he says you will be ok. Give Webbs a chance and call them as soon as possible if you wish to get your love one out.

Roy rogers

Mr. Webb bonded me out if the county on a Sunday when I told him on the phone I would have the $500.oo the following Friday.

Oz Lionius